Wow, just wow. Things are gonna get messy

I’ve been sat here for 20 minutes or so after that, just thinking about what has just happened these last two hours or so.

We looked good for an hour or so, and then madness ensued. I began updating our Facebook page after Warnock put us 1-0 up, then saw it was 1-1. I went back to our Facebook page and somehow it was 2-1. All the hard work made redundant in a mad minute.

I couldn’t see us losing really, despite how poor we’ve been this season and in particular at Villa Park. We looked liked we’d set up for a draw, and for two thirds of this match it looked like we might get the win. Now? Well things are gonna get messy put it that way.

It’s still in our own hands thankfully, but do we look like getting many points? A win would still probably keep us up, but I’m struggling to see where it’s going to come from. Yes we have injuries, and plenty of them but it’s embarrassing that it’s come to this. QPR have Chelsea and Man City away but we’ve seen already that relying on other teams to do us favours isn’t a good tactic, plus Chelsea are going to be somewhat tired after their heroics tonight.

We deserve everything coming to us. Appointing McLeish was in 9 out of 10 scenarios not going to be pretty, and what many has predicted has come to pass. I never wanted McLeish here, but I equally didn’t think we’d be in a situation like this. How wrong I was.

Tonight also marked the night the massed turned against the manager. Villa Park has been somewhat muted in their feelings, not tonight.

I’m still kind of numb to be honest, and changes need to be made. I’d be surprised if any managerial changes took place before the end of the season, regardless of the mess we’re in but his position is rapidly becoming untenable.

What a disaster.


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  1. Employ a relegation expert and guess what? Lerner and Faulkner should be marched out of town and told not to come back.

  2. if he isn’t sacked now – then its safe to say were doomed and going down – well done mcliesh 2 double relegations.

    absolute shocking display you should shoot urself your an utter disgrace

  3. I still do not understand a few of Lerner’s decisions
    He looks to hire McLaren, the fans complain , so he scraps that idea. This shows he is about what is best for the club and that the fans opinion is important to him…


    then he hires McMuppet even when the fans Protest!!!

    Regardless of where the the manager comes from, did Randy not look at his resume??

    4 years managing Birmingham, 2 relegations and 1 promotion and 1 Carling Cup
    WTF did he get hired for, my 2 year old is more stable than that!!!

    And now Randy and Aston Villa face one of their biggest challenges of staying up but McMuppet needs to be gone ASAP, but who is going to want to manage at Villa given the massive financial restraints(which a lot of other clubs have had for many years)

  4. As mentioned I didn’t want him here, but just thought we’d amble along, finish in mid-table, bring the wages down and start again.

    That’s my worry Mark, the managers were hardly queueing up last time. I’d like to see us bring in a young fresh manager. Most of all we need someone to bring some feel good factor back to Villa.

  5. What the heck is going on at this pathetic excuse for a football club? sort it out for goodness sake.. all involved should be absolutely ashamed of themselves. Bolton..I mean BOLTON had 11 shots ON TARGET at Villa Park!!

    By a country mile the worst Villa side i have ever had to endure watching in 40 years.. Utter tripe.

    • We have some nice new replica shirts for sale at the Albion club shop – loyal and knowledgeable fans are very welcome to our little club

  6. Welcome to the Hawthorns on Saturday – enjoy watching a “poor” club in action.The position you find yourselves in is a result of a decade of mismanagement, poor financial planning and now a terrible manager. I hear Megson and McCarthy are currently looking and Terry connor may be free in the summer! You have some wonderful young players, a huge fan base and an arrogance that has put you on the bring of disaster – Villa deserves all it gets IMHO

    • sad little baggie , so when was the last time u finished above us, you now live in canada so go fuck a moose you halfwit.

    • Canadian Baggie, you’re engaging in pointless antagonising. Unless I’m missing something you don’t play for WBA or often even go to games. Therefore their relative success is something to which you do not contribute. It stands to reason that you also can’t take credit for this.

      The same applies to people posting on this blog (although many do contribute through gate receipts, season tickets etc). They are not at fault for the mismanagement. They are however desperately sad to see a great, proud club in trouble.

      PS I’ve never thought the Villa fans really hate the Baggies. Birmingham, obviously, but our black country hatred has really been aimed at Wolves.

        • You might be right Axl – even after 40 years of following West Brom through bad and really bad – home and away for nearly 2 decades – my current geography would clearly mean that my opinion is meaningless unless I play for the club or go to games . Thank you for correcting me. “You have some wonderful young players, a huge fan base and an arrogance that has put you on the brink of disaster”

  7. I was there tonight and we were prepared to back the team and we did back the team but Heskey should have been subbed earlier and what was the point of Delfonso coming on at that time. The sheer frustration was there for all to see and then we saw the stewards trying to stop the sign going up that was it. No more excuses I love this club and I have tried to support the manager even though every part of me was screaming sack him. The capitulation was just dreadful we had no response. There is no ifs or buts WE ARE going to be relegated. AMC WELL DONE! Lerner showed his inexperience and thought he was pulling a master stroke but surely with such a strong response that should have been a warning. He has to go now. The players don’t play for him, he’s negative and clueless. Never have I been so upset. I stayed behind to vent with the other fans. Villa is ours Villa is ours FO Mcliesh Villa is ours

  8. Alex McLeish isn’t a bad man.

    However he is not what Villa need. He plays outdated turgid football and he doesn’t utilise top players well. Villa need a manager who wants to win and can improve promising players.

    Randy Lerner isn’t a bad man.

    However it is unfortunately becoming apparent he is not what Villa needs. He talks about wanting to apply business principles, but fails to see that on field success is the key to increasing revenue on this side of the Atlantic.

    Please Mr Lerner, let Alex McLeish leave his post. Give Kevin MacDonald the job for the next three games. In the summer find a new buyer or demonstrate you have the acumen to recruit a good manager (Martinez being the obvious name).

  9. Unbelievable. Was watching on the radio, and after a quite good first half i thought, ‘problem is, we can’t score, so it will probably end 0-0, quite good after all’. Then we scored, lost reception for 30 secs, back with the radio Bolton had a penalty, lost reception again for about 30 secs, and once on the air again Bolton scored for 1-2. The worst nightmare in my life, could not believe it, actually thought someone streamed a prank over the internet.

    Well, AMC, what can I say. Sure, there have been injuries to key players, but an experience manager would assure to get back-up for that scenario in January by bringing in a couple of experienced players on a Bosman or whatever. Secondly, the old kliche says that, in the end, it is down to the players. True, but there is definitely something more to it. It is the way you set up games, the belief you instil in the players. AMC has gone for the draw more or less throughout the whole season, in games where a little bit more gamble would leave us with a few more points. Imagine you are due to play 10 games. 2 would be a ‘sure loss’ (read Man U Man City away), whereas the rest is there for the taking, whereby you probably win 3 or 4 = 9-12 points. Imagine instead that for those 8 remaining games, you always go for the draw, end up winning 1, drawing 6, losing 1 = 7 points. That has been the problem all this season. And then comes the obvious game where aiming for a draw may be a wise tactic, and you manage to lose, despite being by far the better side up until you score. Unbelievable.

    Thirdly, it seems to me that once you are appointed as a manager in the premier league, you’ll either end up being judged as brilliant, better than average, or just mediocre. Where is the room for falling below being average? I mean, AMC has done the worst you can do with two previous clubs (aka, being relegated), and is now close for the third time, still he is there. As a fan you’ll always be quick to pass judgement, but where is the weighted criticism from the impartial pundits? It is clear that AMC doesn’t cut it at this level. And apart from the lack of any managerial ingenious, the fact that he has been in this position before actually worries me a lot. How can you create confidence among the players if they know that you have been in this situation before, on one occasion being 5 points clear with just a few games to go, still managed to get your club relegated?

    I am truly worried about Villa and would say it is 50/50 that we will go down, given form, young players, lack of confidence and belief, and a manager who doesn’t know what he is doing. I honestly think that we would be better without a manager for the last games.

    Truly worried.

    • Great post mate. More experience would have been great. Not sure if it was down to wages or whatever but when you see players like Diarra who Fulham signed on a free you wonder what’s up. Same with Makoun, there is no way he wouldn’t have helped us in some way. Look at all the injuries the last couple of seasons, as much as I love the youngsters, we need experience.

      • That is the thing that I find strange. What is the strategy behind paying 20+ million for Bent when pretty much the rest of the squad is made up of youngsters? For that money we could have gotten us 5 or more Heskyes, Dunnes or Collins. Perhaps not as sexy but we would not be in this situation, and Bent is surely not the player who will sell you t-shirts, like Beckham would do. And the basic element of building a team is to bring forward youngsters, but channel those players through by having some experience alongside.

  10. I honestly cant see us picking up another point this season. Baggies are going well and would love to help send us down, spurs are still going for 4th and norwich have proved they are no pushovers

  11. what are you doing on this site canadian baggie,,we dont need a so called baggie who lives thousands of miles away telling us about our club..stick to ice hockey or seal clubbing or whatever you do there…you fucking halfwit

  12. We’ve got to rely on other teams doing it for us because I don’t see us getting another point this season. Our beloved Villa is an absolute shambles and Lerner is an arrogant idiot. Sack McLeish now and let’s start getting a feel good factor ready for next season (whatever division it might be in).

  13. What I have been trying to figure out is the thinking of the management. Why do you, as a billionaire, buy a football club, on top of it one that you claim to support, and within a couple of seasons your club is much worse off than when you took over? One theory goes as follows;

    ‘I am a billionaire and I am going to have myself some fun. Let’s buy a football club, and if i spend about 50 million a season I will be able to cheer them on in the CL. Oops, it apparently will cost me 200 million a season, i can afford it but it is not worth it. Let’s try to economize’. That is like you/me buying a Ferrari, only to realize that the maintenance costs are much more than expected and not worth it, so we’ll get rid of it. But surely he must have had some insights into what it costs to run a club at this level so that doesn’t explain it. He can’t be that daft.

    Second theory: ‘Let’s appoint this manager (O’Neill) and let the money flow at for the time being at a manageable level, and we will be in the CL. I trust that with Young, Milner and Downing, for a total of 35 million, we will be there, so just go for it.’ But, no, surely he must have been aware of that, whilst those players are great for building a team, they do not cut it in the CL unless you spice it with a couple of true world-class players. A Torres, a van der Vaart and a Vidic in addition would have pushed it to that level but that would be another 50 to 100 million. I am sure he must have had advisers telling him that.

    Third theory: ‘i don’t see this is a hobby, i am actually going to make money out of it.’ He probably has by selling the above mentioned, but to make money in the long run you’ll need to produce results. And to produce results you’ll need to build a solid team, not necessarily by bringing in world class players in one go like Man City (i actually don’t like that approach), but you’ll need to buy and sell wisely, and you could still hover around 5-6 place, with regular European football and good attendance at the ground. It clearly is not the strategy of this owner.

    So, what the eck is the strategy? I am utterly confused by this take-over given where we are now. At least with Ellis we would be a solid team year in and out, never being close to CL, but rarely below 8-10 place in the league.

    Can someone explain this to me? And if your strategy is to sell the club because of the first point above, you’ll surely make sure to stay up, keep your ship on course, otherwise you’ll struggle to make a decent deal. It’s like wrecking your house before putting it on the market, so that can’t be the explanation either.

    • I cant really blame lerner in terms of what he has spent. The money given to MON probably should have been enough to get us to the CL, he overspent on a lot of average players (beye, shorey, harewood etc).

      Houiller had money for bent and makoun, and mcleish has already wasted what little he had on hutton and nzogbia

      • we cant just keep blaming mon, he spent what the board allowed him to spend, randy has no clue neither does faulkner, we need someone who really know what they are doing at board level. mcclown has been a disaster and most of us knew that was going to be the case but randy still appointed him. i blame learner . is it a coincidence that both us and the browns are both Underachieving under his ownership ! randy out , faulkner out, mcclown out

        • We can keep going on blaming MON for all the financial problems that caused Lerner to wind the spending in, but it makes me what was going on behind the scenes at the time. Who was negociating the wages for the players? Why did Lerner not say beforehand about some of the purchases (Harewood, Beye, Routledge)? Did Lerner say anything to MON about the players rotting in the reserves on high wages? Or did Lerner just sit back and enjoy the possibility of Champions League football and then worry about how much Villa cost him when it was pointed out how much MON had spent?

          Also, why did Lerner say he would respect other clubs and approach them instead of luring them away….the Martinez saga seemed all above board, he rejected McLaren before the interview took place due to the fans concerns…and then poaches McLeish – a manager from our hated rivals across the city and someone who would create a backlash before he signed the contract for the job. The whole situation of finding a manager last summer smacked ultimatly of incompetence from Lerner and made the club somewhat of a laughing stock.

          We have a great legacy, one of the finest grounds in the country, a world class youth academy – yet I cannot understand Lerner’s ambition for Aston Villa. Is it claw back the money he gave to the club and sell or try again once the books are balanced? Only he knows…and he ain’t talking.

  14. I was confident before the match and the first hour demonstrated that the players were up for a war – fighting for possession, playing like their lives depended on it. Once we scored however, it seemed like a two minute implosion followed by wandering around thinking what has happened and losing the battle whilst Bolton took the momentum and could have got one or two more. I was willing to give Alex McLeish a chance and have done until tonight – AMc seems like a decent bloke but someone who is way out of his depth and the fans demonstrated this tonight. He should go – but I cannot see Lerner doing this and if we are relegated, I can see AMc still being in charge. I would love to see Randy Lerner answer questions about the state of Villa, his ambitions, what the future of the club holds and if he has a plan for Villa to get back into Europe….I won’t hold my breath though.

  15. I really feel for you guys here. I live in Kettering, so you are the closest Prem team I have to me. It was great to visit Villa Park to see my team last Saturday, I had 2 * 7 year olds with me, and we felt very welcome.

    I decided I might attend for Newcastle and Arsenal next season, not sure if I would be in the Home or Away fans area, as I would be attending as a neutral. Now, it is looking like it would have to be Middlesbrough or Leeds games. Hang on Leicester is closer for those games.

    Stay UP!!! This is Aston Villa, a long standing Prem team. I do not know what bad things MON did there, but I have seen a lot of posts by Villains claiming he did bad things. Odd, as I remember Villa challenging the big boys, and being a neutral fan’s first choice. Certainly at the time, I would always be willing Villa to beat any of the big teams.

    As I said in the last paragraph “Stay UP!!!!”

  16. I didn’t wan’t to see a bluenose failure at Villa park, I wrote a letter to Mr Lerner & Mr Faulner at the beginning of the appointment, stating what I believed would be the outcome of this appointment, angry to say I’ve not been proved wrong so far!!!
    I refused to attended initially but felt I was cutting my villa nose off to spite my face.
    I succumbed on 2 occassions after my fellow mates convinced me that Villa needed the backing of its long term supporters. I can’t say I experienced anything but absolute dismay at a manager who selected out of form players, moved other players out of position, whilst leaving others on the bench, deciding that One point at the start of a game was to be held on too, and if it looked like three points were possible, he’d take off an attacking player for a defensive player in order to give the opposition a chance, by the way most of his questionable team selection, was failing from a near full sqad, now the man want’s to use the excuse of injuries, well perhaps he should have thought about the end of season possiblities (injuries, suspensions etc)
    I honestly don’t believe Villa management gives a “Flying f***” for it’s supporters.
    I’m attending the next home match against Spurs, to supprt the team and protest vocally,
    I’ve stayed away from first team football because I believed that Booing the manager only gave him an excuse about fans wearing down players, the clown has managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory on almost every occassion, destroying any possible opportunity of joy/happiness within the team or supporters, and we wonder why the team are under performing.
    By the way I’ve attended youth cup football and only experience support and appreciation of the teams efforts.
    2 million a yr for that rubbish management, I hope it dependent on win bonuses, I’m sure McClueless will never be given the chance to prove he’s an experienced Premier manager with Albion.
    Apologies for any rambling don’t want to upset fellow supporters, I’m sure some of the supposed AM supporters will disappear from Villa boards, probably never really existed most likely the majority were sponsored by petty Villa management.
    I’ll be back at Villa Park once McClueless is paid off, even if we go down .

  17. if Mcleish is still manager next season in whatever division, who does Lerner think is going to turn up at Villa Park to watch ?!

  18. Just get behind the team and support them .

    You all wanted the youngsters and they just haven’y got the experience , we were in the same position last season before christmas and then we got the experience players back and went back up the table .

    Leave off the team , just back them . Stop moaning later

  19. All you Muppets who Slag Off Martin O’Neill need your heads looked at he was the greatest manager we had in years beating man U for the first time & Chelsea, Arsenal & Spurs we were an awesome side, Then that big plonker Randy had to poke his nose in! O’Neill Doubled his money on players like Downing & Young, he inherited the worst Villa side you could imagine and turned them into a top 5 side or top 6 what more could we have asked for, now look what Randy has done, MON didnt want to work for him, nor Benitez nor Martinez nor Moyesy, who wants to work under a chairman who only cares about his money. He had to throw out £18 million for darren Bent in a panic buy when Houillier was in charge just to keep us in the premier league, would he not have been better off letting MON keep James Milner for god sake, now look at the mess we are in, we are heading for disaster & even if we do stay up, Big Eck will probably still be there next year for christ sake!

  20. baggies fans be warned the backlash is coming we dont care about mcleish we only care about aston villa we are coming to your little shed on saturday and will be leaving the godforsaken hole with 3 points


    • You might be right Axl – even after 40 years of following West Brom through bad and really bad – home and away for nearly 2 decades – my current geography would clearly mean that my opinion is meaningless unless I play for the club or go to games . Thank you for correcting me. “You have some wonderful young players, a huge fan base and an arrogance that has put you on the brink of disaster”

  21. Fukin Dingle

    what happened did your mom write that for you !!!! Normally you lot cant spell now fuck off and carry on shagging your sister !!!!

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