After finally being announced this evening, we have yet another man in charge at Villa Park, Mr Steve Bruce. As is always the case with the Villa, there has been plenty of discussion surrounding the move, and thousands of tweets directed towards the good Dr Tony on twitter.

From the start of this search, I personally felt he was the right man for the role. Familiar with the Championship, and more importantly, with lots of experience of getting out of the Championship. Yes, the Blues link isn’t ideal, but that was a lifetime ago, and nothing like the situation we found ourselves in with McLeish. Their fans are already annoyed at the news, with plenty of Judas shouts on social media, perfectly setting up the derby at the end of the month. Simply put, he is the right man at the right time, and I think most are aware of that, even if they didn’t want him in charge.

The main argument I’ve seen seems to be surrounding the fact that this isn’t an appointment with a ‘long-term’ view, but the way I see it, is this club has been in a mess for a ‘long-term’, so let’s look for a quicker fix when there is a man like Bruce available. This is a man who was interviewed for the England job a few months ago, and a man who would have been a popular choice when Premier League chairmen soon panic and get rid of their current incumbents.

Bruce seems genuinely excited to fix this mess, and we have a squad that should be doing a lot better. We’ll see better tactics, better shape, and for the first time in a long time, a man who can get the best out of his players. Plenty of people from outside our club are praising the appointment, and even those vehemently against Bruce, are looking at the bigger picture and getting behind the club.

Xia mentioned on twitter that Villa had a 25 man shortlist, and it seemed to be between Bruce and Clarke. I like Clarke, and he had a lot of support within the club, but I like the idea of Bruce and a new start (yet another!). Wagner was the sexy move, but unproven. Huddersfield and Villa are world’s apart (no disrespect), and would Villa fans have had the patience afforded to Wagner? I’m not convinced. We live in a results based world, especially with a club like Villa.

Steve Bruce is the right man, and for the first time, I’m excited about the man in charge.

Onwards and upwards. UTV.