What the Villa Faithful Want From Their New Manager

This post has been written by Sam Tighe, and I’m delighted he’s taken the time to contribute to the site. He’s produced some great work previously, so if you’re on Twitter give him a follow using the link at the bottom of the article. He loves his football and loves his Villa, great combo :)

‘Aston Villa dispensed with Alex McLeish quickly and efficiently come
the end of the season and to be honest, I felt nothing but relief.

Not only did I wish to see the man gone as soon as possible, I had
reason to worry that we’d either stick with him or dawdle with the
firing process.

Luckily, the board have been listening this season. The booing on the
terraces cue the final whistle against Bolton Wanderers was something
I’ve never heard in my life. Such vociferous whistles of derision have
surely never been heard from our stands before?

Turning the page, the next appointment could not be more critical.
Another wrong move and Villa will be five years away from making any
progress in the league, effectively becoming the next Bolton: the very
opposition we expected to beat one month ago.

The important thing for Villa fans now is to be treated with a bit of
respect. We protested last year, but it was not solely because Alex
McLeish had a previous assocation with our city rivals Birmingham like
the media suggested at times.

Deep down, we all knew it was a bad appointment for footballing
reasons. He’d just taken a club down, it wasn’t the first time, and
that should not be rewarded with an effective promotion.

The brand of football Villa played under the Scot’s stewardship was
ugly, disjointed and borderline unwatchable at times – something which
brings me to my point:

Villa fans want respect for themselves and respect for the club. The
team was not looked on fondly by any neutral last season, with many
professing their disgust or profound sympathy for what had happened to
a team challenging for the UEFA Champions League just two seasons

Whoever the appointment is, Randy Lerner, make it one that will bring
the fight, spirit and confidence back to Villa Park. Make it one that
injects optimism into the team and stands and lastly, make it one that
sets this great football club up to be a contender once more in the
coming years.’

Thanks again to Sam for his thoughts, check out his Twitter here!



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  1. I don’t about the rest of my fellow villains, but I am a little excited and borderline child like with the anticipation of what could be a new manager and new players with the roar and excitement of our beloved stadium once again. Can’t wait to see who it is and one thing for sure the next season can’t be any worse than what we just suffered. Watching the match next season and knowing that we always have a chance of winning it, instead of the dread of at best a draw. I have good feeling about the new season and looking forward to a few new faces, and also the regeneration of our present senior squad, maybe seeing NZog showing us his full potential to which we have seen about 25%.
    I would like to say this and I know many will disagree..AM went and he went with no excuses and with no dis respect. Fair play for that, the appointment was never going to work. UTV

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