Despite being unbeaten at VP this season, mainly in part thanks to 877 draws, I’ve noticed many discussing the ‘toxic’ atmosphere at home the majority of games this season.

There certainly appeared to be boo’s throughout the game yesterday, which was understandable given the dross on display. I felt a bit sorry for Bruce, but I don’t think they were aimed at him in any way. I don’t agree with anyone booing a player coming on though, as some reported happened with Westwood, and hopefully that was a one off. Regardless of your views on the merits of a player, it shouldn’t come to this.

It’s tough really. Years and years of horrible football at one of the most famous grounds in Britain takes it toll, and we all know it’s not an inexpensive hobby. Do fans have the right to boo? Of course they do. Especially after what the Villa faithful have been through. I do think Bruce will fix things, and he’s already identified our main issue at the moment (lack of fitness). It all feels a bit catch 22 though. Players can’t perform at their best under such pressures, but the same players aren’t giving the fans anything to shout about.

In the end, it all comes down to results. I don’t think anyone wants to spend their day at VP setting out to be negative. It’s felt an age since VP was rocking, and hopefully we see it sooner rather than later. Here’s a selection of tweets regarding the atmosphere at home: