After yet another abject performance last night against Barnsley, Villa twitter was not a happy place to be. To be fair, it hasn’t been a happy place to be for a while, with the early Bruce good start and new signings optimism long gone.

We do have a lot of idiots using this medium, but I think most clubs do. Ours can be particularly vehement though, and I’ll never really understand people tweeting abuse to players directly. It’s a good thing our manager isn’t on twitter given how things have played out recently, and following murmurings of ‘Bruce out’ after Ipswich, there were definite shouts of it last night following the Barnsley debacle.

I’ll share my POV here, and that’s that I don’t think we should sack Steve Bruce. Promotion and the playoffs were a pipe dream on the day he was appointed, and I don’t think we’ll be relegated either. It’s depressing, it really is, and a another five losses on the bounce could change things massively and his position could be untenable. Our tactics leave a lot to be desired, and I get the feeling that the manager doesn’t really know our best side either. Our new signings, as good as I think they are, do need time to gel.

It’s been mentioned plenty of times,  but what Villa needs more than a lot of things (bar a goal/win) is stability, and Steve Bruce can bring that. I think Dr Tony recognises this, and has tweeted similar today. As mentioned, if Bruce keeps losing, if we edge nearer the relegation zone and we show no signs of progression, then things could change rapidly.

At this moment though, I personally think Bruce deserves at least the rest of the season. This season is a write-off, so give him a full pre-season, and let’s see where that takes us. Hopefully it isn’t League One.