SUMMARY: Now that wasn’t great. I know it’s pre-season, and I know we made a load of changes, but I think that penalty was pretty much our only shot on target. No real link between attack and midfield, which needs improving. Green looked sharp, but there wasn’t really too much else to write home about. The team that started looked pretty solid, but didn’t create much, the other team didn’t look solid at all. Plenty of work for Bruce to do. What were your thoughts? Let us know in the comments. UTV.

90: GOAL! Too late for Villa, but Lansbury gets a consolation from the penalty spot after Lyden is fouled.

80: GOAL! It’s Shrewsbury 2-0 Villa, and it’s dire defending. Their player waltzes through, and finishes well from the edge of the box. Johnstone couldn’t do much.

76: GOAL! Though not for Villa. It’s Shrewsbury who take the lead, from a set-piece (heard this many times before). Corner swung in, header powered in for the home side.

67: So close for Villa! Gabby is brought down, and Gardner hits the free-kick against the post from around 25 yards. Bit more direct now for Villa.

62: Villa make a whole host of subs, Terry amongst those off, Lansbury among those on. 8 off in total.

52: McCormack this time with a free-kick, pretty far out, and it goes over the bar.

49: Second half starts, and it’s as you were. Appreciate it’s a pre-season friendly, but no urgency.

HT: Shrewsbury 0 – 0 Aston Villa: Not much to report really, and the home side might have had the better chances. Villa comfortable in possession but everything seems laboured, and we’ve hardly threatened.

43: Hutton booked after cynical challenge. Shrews have their first effort on target. Green still threatening, the rest of the team, not so much.

36: Gone quiet, as nothing really happening. Shrewsbury had their best chance, but mostly Villa. Just need to pick the pace up a bit.

25: Free-kick in a good position for the Villa, but after deliberation between Hourihane and McCormack, Hourihane hits it over.

23: Been impressed with Hutton so far as well. He does get some flak the Scottish Cafu, but he is looking sharp in defence and attack.

16: Terry is so assured on the ball, think that could make a massive difference this season. Meanwhile, Andre Green continues to impress and is looking the most dangerous.

10: Taylor gets involved on the left, but his cross finds the keeper. Mostly playing through the right with Green and Hutton at the moment.

4: Villa want a penalty as Alan Hutton makes a run into the box. Tough to tell without the benefit of a replay. Terry looking solid, but Veretout has made a slow start.

The big news is….John Terry starts, in what is a strong looking Villa side. Here is the starting XI: Johnstone, Hutton, Chester, Terry, Taylor, Green, Veretout, Hourihane, Bjarnason, McCormack, Hogan.

Johnstone starts after his move was finalised, and I’m excited to see what Terry looks like, as well as Green, McCormack and Hogan. Reminder, you can watch the game here:

We’ll post updates here, and feel free to get involved in the comments!