orlistat online without a prescription Another season has rolled around, and it feels like very little has changed so far with regards the fortunes of Aston Villa Football Club. We’re only a few games into the new campaign, and any pre-season optimism is long gone.

Once again, there is a wave of negativity surrounding the club, and manager Steve Bruce is already pleading to the fans to “give him time”.

prevacid cost “My message to them is: I’ve been here many, many times and been successful at every Championship club I’ve been to. I’ve been able to get them promoted and, given time, I’ll do it again.”

I’ll hold my hands up here, and say I was firmly on Steve Bruce’s side prior to the season starting. He has a proven track record in this division, as alluded to above, and I thought a full pre-season with the side would be all he needs to take us back to the Premier League. I’m not calling for his head here, but clearly the start of the season has not been good enough.

A side this good on paper, should not be going out not to lose, as we appeared to do against Reading on Tuesday. The 3-0 defeat to Cardiff should have been a lot worse by all accounts, and at home against Hull, we did our usual trick of only turning up for one half.

Let’s discuss our hopes for the Premier League. We’re at the beginning of the season, and I’ve been perusing some of the best sites to see what the odds are for a Villa promotion.

Considering we’re second from bottom, and 8 points behind the leaders, the bookies at least seem to think we still have a chance, and we’re currently sixth favourites to win the Championship, with a best price available of 18/1. This is what happens when you have a squad of the calibre of Aston Villa. It might take a change of manager to turn things around, but when you consider how much money has been spent on proven Championship talent, the prices make more sense.

If you choose to go the massively pessimistic route, then relegation to League One is available at 33/1!

Do I think we can get promotion this season? Absolutely. I’ve already discussed the talent we have here at the Villa, and it’s all about getting the most out of the side. There are rumours that Bruce only has three games to save his job , but I’m not bothered who is in charge if we can turn this around.

Villa, Bruce, players…it’s over to you.