Mick McCarthy? No Chance

Why must it seem like everyone is trying to wind us up at the moment? First we had links with Karl Henry in the press last week, now the bookies have made everyone panic by dramatically shortening Mick McCarthy’s odds to be the next Villa manager.

It’s worrying to see him up there, and it’s worrying that the bookies are still playing along by not putting him back out to 100-1 like he should be. Still looking at the bigger picture, and you have to imagine (and hope) that there is no chance that Mick McCarthy will be the next Villa manager, unless Lerner and co really want to cause anarchy that is. It’s probably someone putting a bit of money on it for a laugh, the odds start to fall and before you know it he’s up there with the favourites as people lump on him.

We saw last year that the bookies get these things horribly wrong, and after we had a different favourite nearly every day we should have learned to not get sucked in. Ah well. I wrote a piece last year that has kind of gone down in Up the Villa infamy and that was titled ‘Why Lerner won’t go near McLeish’ or something along those lines. I really hope I’m not tempting fate again, but it has to be a non-starter. People who know a fair bit like Mat Kendrick have said as much, and the statement by Faulkner earlier on should rule him out.

Speaking of the statement, and there were a few interesting points, and I like to see that the board actually seem to agree with what a lot of us want, namely a young, hungry manager. There were a few interesting points that came up, and I like what he had to say in the main, I just hope the club acts on it:

“I think we want to find someone who can reinvigorate the club, someone who can bring some vibrancy back to Villa. That’s what we need and that’s what we can get.

“You want someone who can inspire the players, inspire the fans and can deliver on the pitch.”

These few lines scream that they are looking for a more popular choice, and certainly don’t scream Mick McCarthy. I still think it might be one of Martinez or Lambert, or perhaps someone like Poyet, and I’d be fine with that.

One other interesting section, was the following, and I’m not sure whether it’s good or bad:

“My phone has been going non-stop. We are very focused on this and we are going to give it absolutely everything.

“We have lots of people to consult and take advice from. That will be done as we aim to get the right man for Aston Villa.”

I like the phone part, as it hopefully sends out a message that this a desirable job and plenty of managers would love to be our new number one. Just who those managers are though is another matter, but I still have faith that this time, they’ll get it right.

The whole consulting and taking advice line is a bit of a worry though, as we all saw where that led us last season. Thanks again Sir Alex. Faulkner talks about aiming for the right man for Aston Villa but that isn’t good enough. They HAVE to get the right man for Aston Villa, and that certainly isn’t Mick McCarthy.


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  1. i have just watched mk dons at huddersfield they where a joy to watch but the vibrancy manager karl robinson showed to his players and fans was brilliant i think he his going to be on his way up just like lambert martinez brendan roberts of this world he reminded me of mourhino certainly we need a manager with attitude this guys got

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