By now, we all know that Dr Tony Xia is not shy with a tweet or two, whether it be his complex equations regarding our transfer activity, his opinions on our results, or anything else…the man loves twitter.

Some fans are all for this, and some are against. Personally, I don’t mind seeing it. After years of being kept in the dark by our former owner, it’s nice to actually be told what’s going on, and to see our owner is trying to make moves to make this club better. I can completely understand the other side of the argument though, and I have little doubt a tweet he sends will end in tears at some point. Some of his ones about our current players already feel a bit close to the bone.

Irrespective of the tone of tweets Xia puts out, our fans are not shy in responding en masse whenever he does post. This led to the following two tweets following last nights embarrassment, where the Dr essentially asked fans to not be as critical of the team:

The problem with our owner being so active on Twitter is that he will see (or at least get the general sentiment) a lot of these angry tweets, and I imagine some of them probably come as a shock given the investment he has already made. Where do you stand on his tweets? Twitter is a sounding board, and lord knows our fans use it as one.

When you have direct access to the owner of your football club, of course it’s going to be tempting to post with your grievances. Villa fans have had a horrendous time of things lately, and there are still plenty of issues hanging over the club. Steve Bruce’s good start has dropped off, but January signings (on paper) were good, so here’s hoping for an upturn.

Of course, bottom line is if results on the pitch pick up, Dr Tony could tweet he hated all of us, and if we ended up in the playoffs, no-one would really care. Fan responses were mixed to our owners tweets, and I’ll leave a selection at the bottom of the post. As always, if anyone wants one of their tweets removed, just leave a comment .