go to link We may not be where we want to be with regards to our division, but yesterday’s signing of John Terry was a massive statement of intent for a club that many consider still massive.

Yes, he’s 36, and yes he didn’t really play last season, but this is still probably the best defender of the Premier League era joining our club. He had offers, and plenty of them, and even better than beating the Blues and West Brom to his signing, is the fact that we beat everybody to his signature. Terry spoke incredibly well at the Press Conference, emphasising how thrilled he was to be at the Villa, and I’m incredibly excited to see the impact he has at our club.

Forget the tired jokes that come with Terry, this is EXACTLY the type of player we need, and have needed at the club for a long time. A born winner, a born leader, and a player that will inspire every single teammate to give that little bit more. We bought in Jedinak last season, and we saw the impact he made when he was in the team, compared to when we were missing him. I saw a tweet that read even if Terry doesn’t play a game, it’s still a good signing, and you can see the reasoning.

Hopefully he plays the majority of games, and hopefully he can adjust to the Championship. Terry and Chester are as solid a partnership as you’ll see in this division, and many would argue in the division above as well. It will be interesting to see what Steve Bruce does tactically next season. I’ve written many times that this preseason is key, and many are expecting good things. Does Terry leave us short of pace at the back, especially if Jedinak is involved as well? Perhaps, but these are good problems to have. If McCormack and Hogan can play at the levels we’ve seen from them previously in the Championship, we should be just fine.

It doesn’t look like they’ll be many incomings, and that’s fine as well. This squad is more than capable of challenging at the top end of the division, and the signing of John Terry sends a signal to anyone willing to listen, Aston Villa is a huge club.


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