“I haven’t turned into a bad manager overnight”

Another day, another truly bizarre set of quotes from our current manager. We stayed up, only just, and I’m just glad that this season has now drawn to a close. We need to be thankful that we didn’t need anything from today’s game, because boy we were poor.

Here are the quotes from McLeish, and while I agree with some of what he said, some of it once again leaves you scratching your head:

“It was an absolutely shocking, woeful display. Maybe some of the boys were thinking about their holidays already.

“That team needs a change and there will be change. That wasn’t an Alex McLeish team today. We need to bring more quality into the squad.

“I take (the fans’ booing) on my shoulders for the sake of the players, I agree with the fans’ frustration about our display.

“I’m expecting the board to back me. I have no reason to think I won’t be (Villa manager next season). We’ve got through a really tough season. I’ve won lots of trophies as a player and manager and I haven’t turned into a bad manager overnight.”

We did look like we were on holiday, and I’ve said for a while that a number of players clearly don’t care too much about our club. We need changes both with the players, and the manager and this summer is going to be huge for us. Finishing 16th, with an average of a point per game, and scoring less than a goal a game is not good enough, but by now you all know that.

We do need more quality, but you went into the last game of the season playing the same old players in the same old boring way. Today’s game has just confirmed for many that a change is needed, and soon.

It will be interesting to see what happens now. A meeting is due this week, and while he is talking the talk about wanting to stay and build his own team, some may suggest he is angling for a pay-off, yet others might think he genuinely believes he will be given next season.

We have already been linked to a few managers, and Mat Kendrick of the Birmingham Mail tweeted this interesting snippet earlier on:

‘Reporter: ‘Paul, will you still be at Norwich at the start of next season?’ Lambert: ‘Erm, erm, erm, it’s difficult to answer that’

Of course we don’t know what Randy and co are thinking, but I still like to believe that despite this horrible season, we’re still an attractive proposition to some good managers. At least this nightmare of a season is now over, sad that so many of us are thinking this way.


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  1. I think we’re still an attractive team for managers.
    1. They’ll be loved for an average season after what McLeish has done.
    2. Despite us needing to reduce the wage bill we still have more funds to throw about than a number of other prem clubs.
    3. We’ve got a good squad [if used properly] and a strong academy

    And once we get a good manager in hopefully players will realise we’re not as bad as McLeish would have them think

    • I agree mate and have written previously that if the board get it right with the next manager, he’ll instantly have a load of support, because of the level of feeling against McLeish.

      Our wages will hopefully have come right down, and if we get rid of a few more who are on ridiculous wages we’ll be in a good position.

      I think that we have the team and personnel to play decent football, we just seem reluctant to try it. There are positives, staying in the league for one, and hopefully now we push on.

  2. Ah at last. I agree with McLeish on something. He’s right, he hasn’t turned into a bad manager overnight. He’s always been one.

  3. Mcleish is right, he hasn’t turned into a bad manager overnight, it started about four years ago when he started performing better at getting teams relagated than competing against anyone. Bye bye mcleish, bring back John Gregory

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