Here at Aston Villa, there have been plenty of times where we’ve sold players probably that little bit too early, and then we deal with the inevitable “what if’s” that follow them. Will Adama Traore be the latest in that group?

Players like Milner, Young and Downing felt more inevitable, given how well they performed and the fees associated with them, but a number of others still left plenty of us pretty frustrated. Cahill leaving still hurts, but even in more recent times, some fans have been left wondering if we let the likes of Daniel Johnson and Callum Robinson leave before we should have.

The Birmingham Mail have today written an interesting article discussing how Villa might regret selling Adama Traore further down the line, and it got us thinking about similar situations. Does Traore have potential? Absolutely, and bags of it, but at the moment, it certainly doesn’t have that Cahill-esque feeling linked to his departure. He was never really given too many opportunities last season, which was frustrating given as were garbage, and he does at least bring excitement. Three separate men in charge didn’t fancy the player though, and despite many of us thinking otherwise, they probably do know slightly more than us.

The same arguments made then are being made now for the player at Middlesbrough, namely that he doesn’t have any end product. He’s clearly making people take notice of him though, what with the link to Chelsea, and talk online. As he’s so young, and should only improve, we may regret it at some point, but not now. Bottom line is we’re in the Championship, and Middlesbrough are in the Premier League. Regardless of any arguments about size of club etc etc, they’re in the driving seat in that aspect.

Hopefully we have a clause or two in the deal, so if he does move for mega money in the future, we’ll benefit.

Until then…UTV.